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Jennifer ([personal profile] jennifer) wrote in [site community profile] dw_support2009-05-21 10:47 am

Brainstorming redux

I've read through the comments to the brainstorming post and these are the most popular requests I'm seeing:

- ability to preview and/or edit screened responses
- adjustment of point assignments
- approval links on a given answer instead of having to use the drop-down
- better tracking of when a request was last touched and in what way (screened answers, ICs)
- responding directly to other responses (threaded comments)
- improved filtering/sorting/tagging
- view of all requests a given user has sent in
- view of all requests a given user has answered
- per-request notifications
- better wording for support email notifications
- linking of support requests to Zilla bugs with access to relevant stats
- ability to reference multiple FAQs

That sounds like a pretty heavy overhaul, but I think if we work on a chunk at a time, it'll get done!

If there's no objection I can open a Bugzilla item for each of the bullet points I've listed above. Any additional discussion about implementation details can go in comments to this post for now.

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