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fu ([personal profile] fu) wrote in [site community profile] dw_support2012-10-22 02:03 am

RTE / unable to post from old update page - resolved

What it says on the cover!

Just so people know what's going on, the issue was that the RTE code needed to be served from the main site www.dreamwidth.org. We recently switched to serving up our static content (JS/CSS files) from f.dreamwidth.org, which is more efficient for various reasons but was just not working for the RTE -- in very simple terms, it's because browsers can't assume that "f.dreamwidth.org" and "www.dreamwidth.org" are controlled by the same people and should trust one another.

So basically we just fixed that, the RTE is now showing up correctly for the old update page, and people should be able to update -- so we can let them know that!

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