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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_support2009-04-14 06:42 am

Community intro & Support Guide RFC

This is eventually going to be the community for Dreamwidth's technical support volunteers. It isn't intended to be "user-facing" -- in other words, this won't be the place to go for technical support, but it will be the place to go to learn about how to provide technical support for others at the Support board.

Community membership is currently moderated, and until we figure out how we're going to structure the ranks of Support volunteers and how we're going to give people access to the administrative elements of the Support board, I'm not going to approve any community membership requests. (You're more than welcome to watch the community if you're interested in volunteering for the Support team, though!)

Obviously, the first step to getting people volunteering in Support is to write up a basic guide to what a support answer should look like. [personal profile] azurelunatic (bless her) went through a year's worth of my emails to the dw-discuss mailing list to distill some basic principles that apply to both Support answering guidelines and all official Dreamwidth communication. I've gone through her list and taken a first stab at pulling out the Support-specific elements, and collated them on the Wiki as a (very, very) basic support guide:

Support guide (first pass)

It's obviously going to take us a while to get it to cover everything, and some things will never quite be documentable; there will always be an exception to every rule. But if you're interested in volunteering for Support, take a look over that list, and then:

* What other questions do you have about how you should be writing your Support answers that aren't covered in that guide?

* Is there anything in there that you don't think should be in there?

* Is there anything in there that needs to be covered in more detail?

(Meanwhile, if anyone who's done LJ support and is familiar with the mechanics of the system (how screening works, what the various priv levels are and what they do, etc, etc) wants to write up a basic "this is how the system currently works" sometime over the next day or so -- just the technical bits of how the system works, not how LJ support grants privs and does training, since we'll be doing it differently -- that would be awesome, since I am overextended like whoa right now.)

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