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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_support2014-06-19 01:14 pm

What Goes Where

Occasionally we get people opening support requests in public support to complain that a DW user is linking to a website they control and they want us to remove the link because it's penalizing them in Google search results. Send those to Webmaster, please! I have a stock answer for it.

(Those requests are almost always because they, or some blackhat SEO firm they paid, has been spamming links to that site everywhere and Google has hit them with a hefty search-weight penalty, so now they're spamming the owners of every site that linked to them demanding the link be removed, whether the link is spammy or not; I probably take way too much pleasure in explaining to them that their blackhat SEO practices are not my problem. Sometimes it's a case of the account that's linking to the site being one of the spam accounts they or their blackhat SEO firm created to spam links, in which case I really get to dig out the riot act.)

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